10 reliable platforms for the Open Source admirers in 2019

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • August 31, 2019
open source platform 2019

Open-source software commands wide respect due to its high usability, easy scalability helpful community and above all the free or almost free availability. There is a massive, thriving community of open source fans across the globe. Right from individual users and software developers to Fortune 500 companies, the Open Source has attracted the attention of diverse users with varying levels of proficiency, different needs, and diverse purposes. In this article we are going to present some of the different OS platforms that can facilitate your work and multiply your capabilities:

1. WordPress

Regarded as the most popular CMS for creating a robust website without coding, WordPress is the most reliable solution for the nontechnical people who are looking for a quick and easy way to design their website independently. One thing worth mentioning here is that it offers Open Source admirers 2 options:

For hosting your website visit WordPress.com (It is your one-stop shopping site for buying hosting resources like domain name, hosting plans, etc.)

Recommended for: Beginners with limited technical knowledge

USP: You can purchase the entire hosting suite here that eliminates the need for finding an external vendor

For downloading the WP framework and then installing it on your hosting provider visit WordPress.org (You just use the framework but need to purchase hosting resources (domain name, hosting plans, etc. from third-party vendors)

Recommended for: Advanced users with good technical knowledge

USP: You will get the maximum flexibility in choosing the plans and brand that best suite your requirements and fit your budget

2. Concrete5

Concrete5 employs MVC pattern coding and follows decent quality standards. It works with the mobile as well and is strategically architected to offer high scalability. Besides, it also aligns best with the latest SEO guidelines and offers a marketplace for its users where they can buy their desired digital products with a few quick steps.

3. Liferay

If you are a corporate user looking for robust software to tackle your intranet/extranet needs then Liferay can e a good option for you. This Java-written OS comes with an integrated CMS support and offers high efficiency that makes it useful during fluctuating demands in real-time instances.

Keeping in mind the interests of different types of corporate clients Liferay provides 2 options to the user: Liferay Portal CE that is the OS version and comes with decent controls/features and Liferay Enterprise Web Platform that is an enterprise-grade version with even more robust extended controls that is especially architected to serve the purpose of high demanding corporate clients.


NGINX was first introduced in 2004 and it was developed by Igor Sysoev for taking web server efficiency to the extreme capabilities.

With the help of its asynchronous architecture that is purely driven by events, the NGINX can efficiently handle extreme volumes of concurrent sessions without hurting the quality. It requires very few resources and scales up quickly. It makes MGIX the go-to option for the administrators

Along with the general deployment (webserver) NGINX also doubles up as a reliable load balancer or a proxy server. The thriving community offers reliable assistance to troubleshoot an issue in real-time.

5. Lighttpd

Lighttpd is especially recommended for the administrators who are looking for a server with very low input requirements and a relatively higher output guarantee. Powered by event specific architecture and strategic design, the Lighttpd can efficiently tackle a huge volume of concurrent connections without causing interruptions or gobbling up too many resources. It requires very low memory and consumes small amounts of CPU resources. Another thing that further enhances its feasibility is the array of strong, user-friendly features. Along with supporting SCGI and FastCGI it also facilitates rewriting URLs and compressing the output. It works best with Ruby on Rails and Catalyst.

6. SourceForge

If you are looking for a reliable platform to get OS software with decent capabilities then Sourceforge could be a good option for you. Two major USPs of this platform are volume and well-guided roadmap and that is the reason behind its massive popularity that attracts as many as 30 million users every month. With around half a million OS projects you can easily find the one that matches your needs and proficiency level, To save the users from confusion over the reliable option the website also provides a favorite download list that can make it easier for you to take the informed decision. For the users of a specific operating system, the website also presents a list of licensed software.

While it offers a large array of option for diverse users the Ubuntu users would certainly be the major beneficiaries as SourceForge mainly focuses on Ubuntu.

7. Tigris

The OS admirers who are looking for a reliable toolset that facilitates team collaboration while developing software projects would simply over Tigris. It keeps the things well managed and streamlined towards the specific live purpose. It results in a neat interface that does not overwhelm you with irrelevant projects. The platform frequently reviews the current projects to ensure that the entire community is engaged and focused on the development of a particular app. Due to its purpose-specific, the more focused approach you would find a highly committed community on Tigris.

8. Freecode

If you are a user of UNIX and are looking for a huge directory for hosting your multi-cross/Unix platform then Freecode is the right option for you. This OS comes with a comprehensive directory with loads of options to choose from.

9. GitLab

GitLab would certainly appeal to you if you are looking to host an entire lifecycle o software development and operations. It is a highly competitive application with dynamic features that strictly follows the highest security standards to ensure project integrity. Besides the platform is specially architected to monitor and review different phases of the development lifecycle like milestones, specific issues, troubleshooting, evolution, etc. Besides, you can also move the issues between the projects.

10. Gogs

Gogs is the dependable option for you is you are looking for a robust self-hosted code hosting solution. Gogs comes with significantly low consumption and decent output. Self-hosted on Git serve the Gogs can quickly be installed without going through any technical hassles. Besides, it provides quick scalability to match the fluctuating needs without interruptions.

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