5 Actionable Tips to select the ‘Domain Name’ for your Blog

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • September 17, 2019

Many years back when the weblog (as it was called initially) first came into being it was a way to express your feelings and share your thoughts with the internet users. However, things have evolved since and now the blogging is considered as a full-time career. Some bloggers have been earning a huge income that runs into 6 or even 7 figures. However, to be realistic you would certainly need to invest a good amount of efforts and resources to start earning from your blog. The very first thing (after selecting the niche) is picking the right name for your blog. Many people might make a mistake here and it could have a long-lasting impact on their success and potential. In this blog we will discuss the top 5 tips to keep in mind for choosing the right name for your blog:

Choose the niche first (before selecting the name)

It is very obvious but surprisingly many new bloggers do make a mistake here. The main objective of your blog is to tell people about your niche or give a strong hint about the same. How can you decide the right name if you have not yet decided on the niche?

For instance, your primary objective is to earn through Adsense account (with a major emphasis on CPC or Cost per Click model) and are looking for the high CPC niches that fit your writing style/preferences. You came across a specific niche “Herbal diet for weight loss” and quickly buy the domain name “Herbaldietforweightloss.com” or “herbalweightloss.com”. Along the way, you came to know about another High CPC niche related to the latest technology that your expertise in, say Blockchain, and you decided to change your niche (from Herbal Weight Loss to Blockchain). It would waste the time, efforts and costs you spent on selecting and buying the above-mentioned domains on herbal weight loss. To be more precise if you are in a fix choosing between 2 niches (say, India travel and Nepal Travel) then it is best to first choose the specific niche before buying a domain name.

Choose the name that quickly connects with your audience

When your blog appears on the search results page during relevant search queries, the very first thing that the visitors see is your blog name. How far it succeeds in leaving a distinct impression on their mind determines whether they will click on your blog or move to continue scrolling. So, another major objective of your blog is to connect quickly with your target audience. There is no one size fits all advice that we would give here but some things play a vital role in attracting your target audience to your blog.

It is very important to know your target audience very well and choose the most appropriate name matching their demographics. Rest depends upon your creativity and idea generation capabilities and this is the factor that offers the unique identity to your blog name. For instance, if your blog is about retirement planning then choosing a name like “happyafterfifty.com” or “relaxandretire.com” can connect better with the target audience. If you are lucky enough you can also get the more straightforward names like “topretirementtips.com” or “retirementcheatsheet.com” as well but avoid buying such names at hefty prices as you have yet to start a blog and need to keep your investment as low as possible.

It should match your communication style

Along with the targeted audience of your blog the communication style also matters a lot while choosing the blog name. You are less likely to attract matured audiences if you have used a casual blog name and vice versa. For instance Businessbites.com would be an appropriate blog name if you have used a casual friendly tone to communicate business ideas for youngsters but if your target audience is matured business persons and you have shared the deeper business insights in a strictly formal tone with deep details then the above name may not connect well with the targeted audience. In that case, the name completebusinessguide.com or businessinsights.com would seem the appropriate choice because of their formal names.

Brand-specific blog names

Another major thing to consider is whether you would like to use your blog to enhance your brand or boost your business benefits. In that case, it is highly advisable to select the names that either contains your brand name as a part or chimes well with your brand.

For instance, if you run a travel company named “Zero Gravity” then you can either buy the same name for your blog or choose something that contains these words or are closely related to/identifiable with the brand name, for instance, zerogravity.com, sansgravity.com, freefloat.com or zerogravityworld.com. Such names will help in quickly connecting your targeted audiences with your blog or connecting the blog subscribers quickly with your business thus indirectly helping in conversions/subscriptions.

Check if it seems appropriate

Some domains may not sound well when you read them as a single text (as in address bar and you may unintentionally end up creating an objectionable domain name. For instance, you may create an eBook around Black Hat SEO and name it Black Hat E-Book. However, if you would choose the same name for URL, it would be www.blackhatebook.com indicating that it contains the racist matter. In such cases, it is advisable to modify your domain name a bit if the need be. In the above example, the appropriate domain name could have been blackhatbook.com that would help in quickly connecting with the targeted audiences.


The domain name of your blog plays a vital role in its overall appeal and can eventually affect its success potential as well. In this blog, we have presented 5 best tips to name your blog so that you can enjoy a distinct reputation and quickly connect with the wider set of targeted audiences.

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