5 Gadgets That Your Smartphone Has ‘Killed’

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • August 21, 2020

If you have a smartphone or may be smartphones (that you definitely have because you’re reading this already), then it won’t come as a surprise that the many devices have become ubiquitous and indispensable in your lifestyle.

On the way of technological evolution, smartphones have killed several product categories. Many nascent technologies have become victims of the growing powerhouse called smartphones.

But the question is when will the killing end, hmm? Anyways, here we made a list of  5 devices/gadgets that aren’t needed now because of the smartphones.

Lists of Gadgets That Smartphones Has Killed

1. Radio


Yes! the FM or radio feature was quite a clincher when smartphones weren’t around. That time people were looking to buy feature phones. In the early ’90s, people become a massive fan of radio sets. But when the era of feature phone starts, it will changes the radios’ concept completely. Though people still use the radio feature or app on the smartphone. But the good old radio as a device has become totally extinct. Now you only buy those as an antique piece from Mumbai’s Crawford Market like places.

2. Alarm Clock


Nowadays, you probably had an alarm clock at your bedside that would help you to wake up early. This is because now things are very different. Now smartphones have overtaken that role from the clock. In fact, now even phones also start using machine learning to determine your sleep patterns. After which it recommends you at what time you should be in bed to fall asleep. Hmm…you guessed right, that usual alarm clock is not advanced enough to do the same.

3. Gaming Consoles


In the current scenario, most gaming hardware companies have not bothered to launch a handheld gaming system. And even for this, you again should thank smartphones. Since much of portable gaming has now moved to mobile devices. At present, mobile gaming is bigger than ever. However, the company’s like Nintendo still sells portable gaming consoles like the 3DS XL and the Nintendo Switch. But still, the biggest piece of gaming cake is now in hands of smartphones.

4. Camera


Most smartphones are with you all day and negate any sane reason to carry along an extra digital camera. And especially when the results are roughly the same. Smartphones even become really smart with scene selections and HD video recording features.

And clearly, the biggest loser in the rise of smartphones has been the digital cameras. Top phones like Apple’s iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Series, OnePlus, and many others offer better photo quality than many prosumer cameras.

Even smartphones with 8MP cameras have become a standard in the mid-range segment. Whereas 20MP sensors are common in top-end smartphones.

5. Calculator


Last but not least in our list is the Calculators. Yes! calculators got the boot as soon as the modest feature phones arrived on the scene. With most mobile phones having an in-built calculator, there was no longer a need to carry calculators separately. And the further arrival of the smart-phone devices worsened the situation for calculators. Even some apps made scientific calculators redundant for most users.

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