6 Best tools to transform your site into an app……in a Jiffy!

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • August 23, 2019

Quick accessibility and round the clock availability are two major factors that determine the success of your online business or a blog. One of the best ways to offer maximum accessibility to your visitors is to convert your website into a mobile app. If you think that it could be a costly and cumbersome exercise then here is good news for you. There are various friendly online tools that allow you to either convert your website into an app without coding or create your own customized apps without coding. This article presents some of the best online tools that would enable you to convert your website into an app without going through a long or complicated process:

Appy Pie

Right from the neatly organized dashboard to simple processes and quick steps, the Appy Pie has certainly invested lots of care to keep their non-technical users happy.

Besides, it also allows you to work with a free plan first before buying the premium plans. Even the free plans come with reasonably strong features that would satisfy the specific requirements of the basic users.

For corporate clients who need better customization to align with their business and brand needs, there are reasonably priced plans with better customization features and added strength.


Along with the general functionality, the Buzztouch also enables you to create personalized features by customizing the readymade plugins according to your specific requirements.

While you can use it for free there are certain limitations to follow. For the extended controls and better customization capabilities, you would need to buy a paid plan that fits your budget and requirements.

Mobile Roadie

The capabilities of Mobile Roadie are evident by the fact that it is used by some of the most reputed organizations of the digital arena as well as the real world. Its client base extends from the informative world of Ted.org to Disney, the ultimate paradise of entertainment on this planet.

Along with the brands, it also satisfies the requirements of creative professionals like artists, fashion designers, etc. by allowing them to connect well with their community. Some other qualities of the app include location-specific content, and extended features to attract, build and engage a community.


Along with Android and iOS the AppMakr also supports the Windows apps without requiring you to go through the coding ordeal. Affordable pricing and short, quick processes are two of the best features that makes it quite popular among users.

The free plan is also good for the new users but you should ready to compromise a bit like allowing the Appmakr to display ads! Well, that’s not a bad bargain as it would allow you to test the app first and then buy monthly plans for a fully professional looking ad-free app.

Andromo App Maker

If you are looking to develop a reasonably decent app in the real-time without having to invest a significant amount of time or energy then Andromo could be the best solution for you.

 Along with helping the beginners to develop an app without coding the Andoromo also allows the advanced developer to use their best skills with the help of advanced options. So the developers can even create an app by entirely writing the code as per their requirements. It also offers a free plan.

However, as with other such offers, the company would display their Logo on your app but it would not interfere with the smooth functionalities.


AppsGeyser not only helps you to create and run your own apps but also enables you to monetize them by offering you the friendly tools and this is the major USP of this tool. After creating your app you can also decide to enable the community-friendly services including messaging and social sharing. The new users would certainly love the extended help offered by the platform for monetizing their apps.

Even the basic users won’t find it difficult to design more interactive and advanced apps like games, websites and even a fully functioning browser!

Before we wrap up….

While the above-mentioned apps do offer you a friendly and reliable ecosystem, it is highly advisable to invest good attention to the details before selecting the best app that perfectly fits your budget (in case you opt for a paid plan in the future) and satisfies your requirements.

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