A comprehensive guide to rank better than your competitors

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • August 28, 2020

Every website has an objective to achieve the top rank on the search engine page. However, your closest competitors may have already booked that position and it could be a tricky situation to rank higher than them. In this blog, we are sharing a step by step strategy to how on how to outpace such competitors using the strategic SEO approach:

Select specific pages with high return potential

Many people try to optimize their entire website and it makes things complicated. A website contains many pages and SEO is an extensive, time consuming process. Thus, it is humanly not possible to optimize the entire site even if you are using tons of SEO tools. It is always best to pick the specific web pages that would like to optimize for better rankings. It will not only make things easier and streamlined but will also bring down the overall costs. Besides, it maximizes the overall RoI of your SEO efforts as you would need to invest concentrated efforts on specific web page (s) with maximum revenue potential.

Start with prioritizing the pages that pay you the most. If you sell jewelry and diamond rings account for 40% of your total revenues (highest than other jewelry products) then start with optimizing the diamonds page and likewise if as an SEO blogger you get the maximum engagement and ad revenue from “Backlink Tips” page, then it is the most important page to be optimized for rankings.

Target the specific pages based on the returns or revenue they offer and start with the one that brings in maximum benefits.

Closely scrutinize the competitors’ strategy

Once you have prioritized the page, you now need to run a deep competitor analysis to know about the strategies that they are following and how those strategies help them

  • Consider On-page factors like keywords (in page elements and content), Titles, URLs, Headlines, etc.
  • Also consider Off-page factors like backlinks types and volumes, guest posts, etc,

Keyword strategy

Most of the sites choose specific keywords around which they build their entire SEO strategy. So, Keyword research is the prime factor to be considered here. Thankfully there re several tools for researching the best keywords for your site like Moz, Ahrefs, and the Google AdWords keyword planner.

After a deep research select some of the best keywords fitting the content and purpose of the selected webpage. Now edit the content of the selected page by adding (not stuffing) the best keywords in different formats. Along with the main/primary keywords, you should also use LSI, Longtail and synonyms. Don’t forget to add those keywords to your image tags as well.

Backlink Building

Backlinks play a vital role in improving the ranking of any site. So, check the backlinks of your top-ranking competitors to know the specific sites that are offering them the SEO benefits. Export the excel file of all such links and work out a strategy on how to earn backlinks from those sites.

It is best to start with a set of 3-5 sites. Begin with the sites that seem easiest to approach and convinced and also enjoy a fairly decent reputation. Create the awesome content to get quick approval and also learn the niceties of contacting such websites (in an appropriate manner) to maximize the chances of positive response.

User interaction

The interaction between your website and site visitors plays a key role in determining user behavior. A shoddy design will make the site visitors suspicious of your genuineness while the slow speed of media-heavy sites would annoy them and force them to click the back button thus costing you a visitor and also sending out a negative SEO signal. So, make sure that your site design is user-friendly and doesn’t use the colors/elements that stress the eyes (like bright colors, king-size graphics or too many sharp edges). Also, don’t forget to invest in upgrading your web hosting plan when you start getting more traffic or add more elements.

At the same time, it is also important to ensure that it has easy navigation with all the key elements placed on the eye level. Ecommerce sites would need well-categorized product pages in case there are sizeable variants of the same product. To be short, the site should have the best blend of ease and efficiency.

User Behaviour

Another important thing that determines your site ranking is user behavior. It is the way your audiences interact with different sections of specific web pages including but not limited to forms, content, call to action and social buttons. You can use Google Analytics as a primary tool for getting the relevant data.

Start executing the strategy and review results

Once you have designed a strategy starts executing the same on that selected web page. It is always best to make an entire checklist of different factors, currently the performance of the page on those parameters and the targeted performance for achieving the better ranking. It will facilitate the analysis process.

You would also need to get quick insights on the different SEO-specific aspects that have improved after implementing the changes as per the auto-analysis by some reputed SEO tools (that closely replicate the major Goggle algorithm). So you can at least have some assurance that after a reasonable period you can expect these specific improvements as per Google’s standards.


In order to enjoy a good reputation in the digital sphere, you would need to gain a good ranking on the major search engines that offers you high visibility. If your closest competitors are already ranking on the higher position then you may be puzzled on how to outpace them. In this blog, we have mentioned various ways to outpace your competitors and gain a better ranking.

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