Google’s ‘add me to search’ launches in India; anyone can create ‘People Cards’ to show up in search results

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • August 12, 2020

Google has today announced the launch of ‘People Cards’ (also named as ‘add to me search‘ option), a feature that lets almost anyone create an identity card within Google Search. Interestingly, this feature has only launched in India for now.

This feature lets users create their self virtual visiting card on the Google Search Engine. The people card contains information like picture, name, occupation, location, bio, work, education, and contact details. There is also an about section that lets you add about the self that goes publicly on a card. This card will show up (if you have added one about yourself) whenever someone searches for you.

Notably, this also looks similar to the knowledge panels that show up every time you make a google search for a celebrity or known personalities. But with this feature, now an average Indian citizen can allow people to access their details through a simple Google search.

You Google’s ‘People Card’ can automatically fetch the image associated with your Google account (Gmail account). But you can also add any other image from your mobile phone. Yes! from the phone, because right now, the feature is only available on the mobile version of the search engine, the desktop version of ‘People Card’ will make its entry soon.

How To Create Google People Cards

— To create a People Card, sign in to your Google Account on your phone’s Chrome browser.

— Search for your name, or “add me to Search” and tap the prompt that appears. (May suggest you clean your browser history & cache first)

— You will be asked to provide your phone number for verification purposes. Enter the six-digit code to continue.

— Now you see a form where you can fill your details like picture, name, about, work, education, location, home town, etc. and you can also link your website and social profiles, phone number, or email address (if you want).

– Once all the information is filled, click on Save. You can then choose to view your Search Card on your phone device.

‘Add Me To Search’ or ‘People Card’ options are not appearing while searching on Google?

Many people contacted us and said they are not able to see the People Card option on Google by searching their name or typing ‘add me to search’ on chrome. If you also facing the same problem, we would recommend you that please clear your search history and cache then go for the same above procedure, you’ll definitely find the option for making your google people card.
In case you’re still facing any problems/issues, please let us know in the comment section below.

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