July 5, 2020
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Avoid such scams happening digitally on Facebook, Instagram and olx

  • by Mudassir Ansari
  • June 14, 2020

HI there this is Mudassir and let us secure our hard earned money amid this lockdown. As most of us are making our  presence felt digitally on various social media platforms, some with evil intentions are hawk eyeing to scam you of your money. Allow me to share my experience with such scammers.

OLX Scam

It was until last year that i thought i am immune to such online scams wont affect me in any way possible. At that time i was using Nokia 6.1 as my daily driver. It had been approximately a year or so and i was all ready to switch to a new handset. I was shuffling ads on olx as i made up my mind to buy a second hand product this time. After searching through a dozen of ads i came across i-phone 7 which was priced at just 11,000 INR. I started to drool over such an attractive deal. No sooner did i saw that ad than i found myself texting the owner over OLX. He responded immediately as if he was waiting for my message to arrive. He gave me his whatsapp messenger number and requested to ink the deal there. I agreed.

He introduced himself as an Indian army personnel and was posted somewhere outside Uttar Pradesh and cannot come to meet me in person. I thought, then what was the pointy  of discussion on whatsapp, he should have told this on olx itself. On OLX his address was Allahabad Cantonment area but he was posted elsewhere as per his texts. As i was about to exit this deal, he played his trump card. He said and i quote, “I am an Indian army personnel and cannot be present everytime in a Allahabad, but I can arrange for our deal to be finalized. I will send you this mobile phone via Overnight courier services and you can make the payment upon receiving the package. I belong to Indian Army, so I will be sending you all mu IDs and courier receipt for your satisfaction.” Hearing this, even i thought it to be a good deal, and hearing the name and seeing IDs of Indian Army, i was assured of him being a nice person.

He then added, “You have to send me half the amount via Paytm so he can send my courier.” I denied of paying him half the amount. He then insisted of paying the courier charge in advance and the rest amount can be paid afterwards. So i paid him 500 INR and he sent me a courier receipt mentioning all the details of my package.

Happy as ever, i went back to sleep and was waiting the next day for my package to arrive. It went from dusk to dawn but no sign of package. I tried calling on that person’s number but it went off and never got connected again. The package never came. On investigating further, I realized that such scams are common these days on olx,and i just got scammed. Every detail i received from that scammer was fake and morphed.

My emotions would have been totally different if i would have paid half the amount. There are several points to be taken a note of :-

  1. Never pay any amount online on OLX.
  2. Never trust any person claiming to be from Indian Army on OLX.
  3. Never fall for booby traps of extremely low prices on olx.
  4. Always buy in person when dealing on olx.
  5. No matter how attractive a deal is on Olx, always meet the seller before any transaction.
  6. Fully check the product before making any affirmation.
  7. Never meet in any lonely place, always prefer a busy public place.

If you follow such practices, you can safeguard yourself from olx frauds. For other scams happening online. Please watch the full video on YouTube :-



Thank you,

Mohd Mudassir Ansari

#TheMuddyShow #YouTube


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Mudassir Ansari

Mudassir is a budding Entrepreneur and is the Founder of two startups in Robotics and education. He is a civil Engineering undergraduate currently pursuing his masters in Rural Management from Institute of Rural Management Anand (2020-2022). He operates his YouTube channel, 'The Muddy Show' and works as Public Relations Associate with 'The Rural Post'. He works with 'The Social Digital' as a content partner where hw shares his views and opinions on Technology & Science.
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