Bangalore: Flipkart launches hyperlocal service to deliver in 90 minutes

  • by Amandeep Saluja
  • July 28, 2020

Flipkart today has launched hyperlocal 90-minute delivery called Flipkart Quick. It has been launched in Bangalore with plans to expand it in six more cities. There will be around more than 2000 products categories to shop from. Initially, shopping in categories such as Grocery, Fresh, Dairy, Meat, Mobiles, Electronics Accessories, Stationery Items, and Home Accessories are available.

Customers according to their needs can opt for order in the next 90 minutes or book a 2-hour slot. The orders could be placed any time in a day with the delivery being operational from 6 am to midnight. The minimum delivery charge is Rs 29.

Sandeep Karwa, Vice-President, Flipkart. said “This is a great model for India as households of all sizes are already used to their neighbourhood Kirana stores. While we start with our dark store (no-walk-in) model, wherein we enable sellers to store inventory close to the consumer; this model has the potential of encouraging local entrepreneurship and enabling new business strategies and partnerships”.

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