‘Black Diwali For Bankers’ is trending on Twitter, Here’s Why | #BlackDiwaliForBankers

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • October 31, 2020

Today, ‘Black Diwali For Bankers‘ (#BlackDiwaliForBankers) is trending on Twitter. But many ones are wondering that what is the issue that bankers are trying to raise with this hashtag? So here we tried to figure out this.

Actually, while scrolling Twitter feed under this Black Diwali For Bankers hashtag, we found some important things. The bankers are mainly raising the issue related to few payslip components.

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As one of the tweets reads; “Three years have been passed on this drama, yet this shameless Union Leaders & Unregistered IBA (Illegal) is still “Being Working Out” for Various payslip components!! Even FinMin intervention haven’t made any difference & Bankers made a fool once again”

Meanwhile, other Twitter user wrote;

“They may say we have Special Allowance, this-that allowance but at last it’s the Basic salary which matters for NPS holders – Young Generation Bankers.”

“Demand was to Merge Special allowance in Basic but they signed in the opposite. Rather Basic, they increased in Special pay. Betrayed.”

One more user tweeted;

Sealed & Finalized.

Basic Pay- 7th CPC – 11th BPS
Sub Staff – 18,000 – 14,500
Clerk. – 35,400 – 17,900

So Bank Clerk Basic Salary is less than Peon of Central Govt staffs. Historic Settlement

Note: This update is only based upon a few tweets. So if you saw any mistakes or want to update something regarding the same, please feel free to drop a comment below.

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