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Criminalisation of Marital Rape: Society needs to relook into its values that fails to agree on

Marriage is a very big deal in India. It has occupied such a huge space in our psyche that we spend more than half of our waking life either thinking or talking about it⁣ ⁣ But one thing that either escapes everyone’s psyche or rather the one thing that not many people want to talk […]

Fear has a purpose. To let you know why you need to overcome it

We have fears. We all do. But what’s important is what do we do about it. The thing about fear is that can make you focus more on the possible negative outcome and not on the efforts that you need to put to do what you desire to. It puts you in a state of […]

Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge: Everything You Need To Know About

PM Modi led government has come up with the ‘Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge‘ to promote homegrown microprocessor companies. The challenge aims at the making of Atmanirbhar Bharat aka a self-reliant India. Notably, before this Microprocessor Development Programme, the Ministry of Electronics and IT has already rolled out microprocessors ‘Shakti‘ and ‘Vega.’ Under this Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge, […]

What is ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme that PM Modi announced in Independence Day speech?

On the 74th Independence Day, PM Narendra Modi has announced the ‘One Nation One Health Card‘ program. According to PM Modi, this would revolutionalize the health care system in the country. Under this ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme, a person’s medical history records, i.e, treatments and tests will be digitally saved in a database. And this […]

[Feature]: How GeWinn Wachstum is providing clean water to underprivileged

India has been facing a water crisis for a long time. Chinnmaye Praveen was aware of this and she took steps to fight the situation. She started the initiative with the aim to provide clean drinking water to the poor. As time passed the initiative was transformed into a social enterprise GeWinn Wachstum which means to […]

Do Indian musicians encourage plagiarism?

Music director Salim Merchant was accused by Pakistani singer Farhan Saeed of blatantly stealing one of his songs without giving due credits. However, the allegations were verified by courts, but the Indian music industry has been infamous for allegations of stealing art from places like Pakistan, South Korea, the US, the Middle East, and repackaging […]

World Startup Expo Fueling the “Bengaluru Startup Ecosystem”

Bengaluru: World Startup Expo is all set to take place on 14th – 15th Nov 2019 at Sheraton Grand Brigade Gateway. As per to Rahul Bharadwaj, CEO of Cocoon Ventures, “India leading as the third largest startup ecosystem after the USA and China. It’s the need of the hour to support the growth of startups […]

Our founder gets featured by Markezine – the annual magazine of IMT Ghaziabad

Markezine (the annual magazine of IMT Ghaziabad) in its 21st edition featured The Social Digital’s Founder Ashutosh Kumar Singh.  Our Founder, Ashutosh spoke with Team MarkUp about Millennial Marketing under which he put his views on ‘Woke Marketing’ and ‘The Art of Integration’. Markezine is the annual marketing magazine of IMT Ghaziabad, published by MarkUp. It […]

A ‘Fit India’ with a sick mentality

The ‘Fit India’ campaign was launched by the Prime Minister of India a few days ago. But regardless of how successful it may or may not turn out to be, it can not gloss over the fact that we as Indians have become more mentally ill and intolerant. What’s even worse is that many amongst […]

Will we address the ‘Injustices’ created by our Caste System?

Article 15 was made available on Netflix only a few days back. It is probably one of the first mainstream Bollywood movies which raised the issues of caste and gender injustice in such a stark manner leaving the politicians, police force, and the general public exposed. It pointed out the hypocrisy that has become a […]
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