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Manual Scavenging won’t end ’cause no one treats these workers as Humans

It’s pretty simple actually. ⁣ I don’t want to judge anyone or make them feel guilty. Because that is not going to achieve anything. ⁣But I can convey my truth. It may hurt some egos but that is not my problem.⁣ ⁣ The truth is that in spite of there being an act to punish […]

Insercorp: From Humble Beginnings to Exemplary Growth

Initially, being self-funded with zero outside investment or financing the website design and development company operated from the premises of the Franklin Business Incubator in Franklin, Virginia.  The company’s the motto was to offer web-related services to individuals and institutions at reasonable prices and following fair business practices. The First Milestone Thanks to its perseverance […]

Top Backend Technology Brands | Hosting Industry

The businesses across the world can sell their product and services without being limited by the borders of time, space and culture. Additionally, it has also reduced the capital required for starting a business. For instance, an artist can simply start his own e-commerce site, upload his crafts and starts selling. But did you ever […]

Quantum Mechanics & Anatomy of Dying

Death is certainly an unpleasant event that causes us to grieve, to suffer pain, to fear the uncertainty that we don’t want to. It makes us feel uncomfortable and anxious. It eliminates an entire consciousness that used to be a real part of our living experiences. So this is the real world. People die. They […]

Empowering business owners to get more out of their website – Softaculous

Ideas spark innovations. One such idea sprang up in the mind of a young person with an innovative personality that has silently introduced a revolutionary change that has helped the less technical site owners by empowering them with the extended features without compelling them to go through coding, scripting, and other complicated technical exercises. We […]

Section 14A will not apply if no exempt income is received: Supreme Court

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has dismissed a Special Leave Petition (SLP) filed against the order of the High Court of Delhi in the case of the Oil Industry Development Board. The SLP was filed against the order where it was held that “in absence of any exempt income, the disallowance under Section 14A […]

Governmant cracks down on our own MNCs habit of draining money from India through relocation

With Finance Act 2015, the Indian Government has effectively tried to curb the situation of revenue loss caused by various Multi-National Corporations by shifting their residential status to outside India. The Finance Act, 2015 brought about a paradigm shift in the criteria for determining tax residency status for foreign companies. The Government has introduced the […]

Vodafone Mobile is in trouble, hundreds of crores are at stake!

The litigation for Vodafone Mobile in India is not coming to an end. By each passing day, the company is facing new challenges imposed by the revenue department. In a very recent judgment, Hon’ble High court of Delhi has allowed the discretion of the Assessing Officer of not processing the income tax return and refund […]
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