November 18, 2019
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Category: Feature

Our founder gets featured by Markezine – the annual magazine of IMT Ghaziabad

Markezine (the annual magazine of IMT Ghaziabad) in its 21st edition featured The Social Digital’s Founder Ashutosh Kumar Singh.  Our Founder, Ashutosh spoke with Team MarkUp about Millennial Marketing under which he put his views on ‘Woke Marketing’ and ‘The Art of Integration’. Markezine is the annual marketing magazine of IMT Ghaziabad, published by MarkUp. It […]

Chennai has highest Zomato ‘Female Delivery Partners’

Food delivery app Zomato has revealed that the highest number of female delivery partners are in Chennai while the altitude wise the highest delivery point is Leh. Currently, the Food giant operates in more than 500 cities with around 20,000 delivery partners operating daily. With the total capacity of 230,000 delivery partners, the median age […]

Your story doesn’t need to be spiced up. It needs to be real.

A lot of movies, TV shows, documentaries or even biographies try to add some spice into a real story because they believe that doing so will help sell that story better.⁣ ⁣ The end result is that you have something which may be more attractive (according to those who see it) than the original story […]

A ‘Fit India’ with a sick mentality

The ‘Fit India’ campaign was launched by the Prime Minister of India a few days ago. We really hope that it gets all the success it deserves. But regardless of how successful it may or may not turn out to be, it can not gloss over the fact that we as Indians have become more […]

What is BJP MLA Raja Singh trying to do to the idea of India?

If anyone is wondering who he is, watch this video by Official Peeing Human which has compiled a list of his communally sensitive remarks. And then try and ask yourselves these questions. Why is he not in jail yet? And why is he still a member of a party which supposedly believes in “sabka saath […]

‘No Planet B’: India Joins the Global Climate Change Strike

“Since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago.” These were the words of Greta Thunberg.  The 16-year-old environmental activist is an inspiration to millions of children around the world to speak up and fight for their rights to a clean and healthy environment. […]

Our society still thinks from the ‘Male Perspective’

Even if a woman is fully-clothed, people (including other women) will find a way to blame and shame her for exposing some part of her body (even if that part is smaller than a toenail).⁣ ⁣This may sound ridiculous but it is true (especially in countries like India). ⁣ ⁣ Men can roam around the […]

Meet the brands taking part in the war against plastic waste.

Are you also confused by the different symbols on household packaging? If yes, then you are not alone. The reason behind it is because of different levels of recycling provided by various councils. Because of this uncertainty even after consumer disposing of all their plastic in the right manner does not realize that more than […]

5 Actionable Tips to select the ‘Domain Name’ for your Blog

Many years back when the weblog (as it was called initially) first came into being it was a way to express your feelings and share your thoughts with the internet users. However, things have evolved since and now the blogging is considered as a full-time career. Some bloggers have been earning a huge income that […]

Will we address the ‘Injustices’ created by our Caste System?

Article 15 was made available on Netflix only a few days back. It is probably one of the first mainstream Bollywood movies which raised the issues of caste and gender injustice in such a stark manner leaving the politicians, police force and the general public exposed. It pointed out the hypocrisy that has become a […]
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