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UP Aided Junior High School Teacher Recruitment 2021 | Date, Registration, Notification, PDF

Recently Uttar Pradesh Government has announced vacancies for teachers in Aided Junior High Schools. The exams would be conducted for 1894 seats, out of which 390 seats are available for the applicants applying for the post of Principal. However, the remaining 1504 seats are available for Teachers. Eligibility criteria for the post of Principal and […]

Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana 2021 Registration Date, Link, Eligibility And Other Details

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath, has announced an innovative scheme i.e, Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana (मुख्यमंत्री अभ्युदय योजना) on the occasion of UP Diwas. This free coaching scheme will help many students/aspirants preparing for different competitive exams in UP. What is Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana 2021, Uttar Pradesh (UP)? This is a state-based education scheme […]

Story Behind Discovery of Matches

Every invention in history has an interesting story linked to it, like the one behind the discovery of matches. John Walker is the person behind the discovery of matches. John Walker was a chemist in Stockton. In the year 1826, one day he met with a lucky accident. There was a stick in his house […]

Story Behind Discovery of X-Rays

In today’s world, doctors can easily locate a fractured bone, a tumor, or a swallowed object, but this was not possible long before the discovery of X-Rays. Actually, the X-rays were accidentally discovered in the process of performing different experiments. Wilhelm Roentgen, professor of physics was responsible for the discovery of X-Rays in 1895. One […]

Story Behind Discovery of Electricity

Electricity is one of the greatest discoveries of mankind. Do you know how, when and who discovered electricity for the first time? Let me tell you then. His name was Benjamin Franklin and he was among one of the greatest scientific minds of his time. Before discovering Electricity he has invented many things such as […]

Story Behind Discovery of Magnet

So let me tell you a story about a Shepherd who lives in Magnesia, a city in Greece. His name was Megnes. Every day he used to herd his sheep through the plains and the mountains, with a metal stick in his hand. So one day, a strange thing happened to him. While herding his […]