Chennai has highest Zomato ‘Female Delivery Partners’

  • by Amandeep Saluja
  • October 5, 2019

Food delivery app Zomato has revealed that the highest number of female delivery partners are in Chennai while the altitude wise the highest delivery point is Leh.

Currently, the Food giant operates in more than 500 cities with around 20,000 delivery partners operating daily.


With the total capacity of 230,000 delivery partners, the median age of Zomato employees is 27. It was also revealed that the youngest delivery partner belongs to Kanpur is of 18 years while the oldest delivery partner is of 60 years who operates from Gurugram.

Interesting news has also come from Indore where a delivery partner has earned himself a tip of ₹5000 on a single order that costs around 1 lakh. Kolkata was also not behind in the race with a restaurant named Night kitchen delivering an order worth of ₹97,883.


The hard work delivery partners can be realized by the news from Raipur that the single delivery partner has traveled a distance of 28,660 for delivering food this year.

Currently, Zomato operates its services with the help of 1.5 lakh restaurants in India. Talking globally the company has its footprints in over 10,000 cities.

Going in line with the Swiggy decision last December to employee 2000 women all over India Zomato has also decided to look towards the safety issues of women.

There would be a dedicated helpline to address any concerns of woman delivery partners also the company would allow the woman to complete all there deliveries by 6 pm.

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