Discover the analogy between ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Spirituality’

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • August 30, 2020

Spirituality is an abstraction. Just like mathematics, it doesn’t exist in reality but if you lay down some ground assumptions this subject developed on its own.

These assumptions can be anything that you accept as a natural truth. Unlike Mathematics, however, these assumptions don’t have universal acceptance as a natural truth.

In maths, parallel lines never meet is a universal truth but in spirituality, things like devotion to an unknown entity or observing self as part of something greater or believe in souls, they’re not easy to be categorized as the universal truth. They’re rather perspectives.

You might have an influence of so-called Spiritual Gurus, who will try to establish the fact that your soul matter and karma exists and there is a powerful entity in each of us. While these things can’t be said to be completely wrong, they’re not completely true either.

Does Karma exist? In some cases it does, in others, it doesn’t. Is there a powerful entity in each of us? It is a very vague thing to state. What kind of powerful thing? At a quantum level, we all are identical but that is purely structural.

Nobody has privilege over this identical structure, that is, they can’t exclusively use it. Do our souls matter? There is no such thing so it can’t matter.

Guest Feature: Chirag Tripathi

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