This DIY Mask Gun Throws Masks Right at People Faces

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • August 24, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to wear a face mask. But for some people (mainly for a few Americans), wearing a mask is against their free will. And in this regard, there have been a lot of protests against wearing a mask.

But now to cover the faces of these people, an engineer turned YouTuber has built a “Mask Gun”. Yes! you head it right, a gun that throws a mask on others’ faces.

Allen Pan, an electrical engineer from the University of Southern California and a popular DIY artist on YouTube has built this gun. As he thinks people who are protesting against wearing a mask should get a taste of his creation. He made a DIY gun/launcher that actually throws a face mask towards you which automatically wraps around the face. That’s why Allen Pan is calling it the “Mask Gun”.

Components Used In The Mask Gun

With the use of some daily-use items and his talent, this YouTuber has created this exciting stuff. For this, he used a brake line, an 800 PSI CO2 canister, a solenoid valve, a paint pistol grip, and some magnetic projectiles fitted in the surgical masks to develop his “Mask Gun”.

Interestingly, he also put a laser projector in the front to ease the aiming process. Here you can have a look at his creation;

The more interesting part is the testing of this gun. Pan tested it out on some mannequins and then on himself. And as after getting some successful results, he took it to the “Huntington’s Beach”. Notably, this is the beach where all the protests against wearing a mask were being carried out.

So what do you think about Pan’s creation? Tell us in the comment section.

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