Edible Cutlery – “LET’S EAT THE SPOONS”

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • July 15, 2019

A million times we have read about the hazardous effects of plastic but when it comes to discarding it we find ourselves incapacitated.

We know it is slowly and gradually killing our mother earth by altering its natural composition moreover, it mingles with our food and due to its carcinogenic attributes, it infuses cancer in our normal healthy lives on a daily basis, whether we believe it or not.

The most visible example of plastic dominance on our society is If we have noticed that almost every street food corner or restaurant serves food with plastic cutlery so clearly plastic has scored its way to our platters and now you clearly might be wondering why am I telling you everything that you people already know,  well the reason is this – just imagine the number of all the food corners in the world, be it a cafe, a street food stall, a multicuisine restaurant or a local bakery that serves your favorite pastry, now imagine the number of plastic spoons being used at all these places every day, it is countless isn’t it?

I guess now it is easier for us to understand the havoc we are wreaking on environment 24*7 in the form of plastic but what if we somehow manage to replace these plastic spoons by something biodegradable and eco-friendly, won’t that be miraculous? Well, it is possible now; Narayana Peesapati owner of Bakey’s Foods Private Limited gives us a solution in the form of edible cutlery, a product as a replacement for plastic cutlery invented by Narayana and his team after years of efforts.

Edible cutlery is basically cutlery made of a mixture of jowar (sorghum), rice and wheat flour instead of creepy plastic so after having your desert you can have it too in your stomach or if you don’t want to eat it these will be washed and used again or even if this cutlery is thrown after use it will turn soil in time. So no harm to planet earth, no intestinal ailments for our cattle (which often eats plastic and dies) and no cancer for us (at least from cutlery).

The difference between edible cutlery and plastic cutlery is of great degree, the former contains natural and eco-friendly ingredients while the latter is synthetic and detrimental for nature. Edible cutlery can be eaten with food and obviously you can’t try the same with plastic spoons or forks also plastic cutlery may have more strength than the edible cutlery but the edible ones despite made of mix flour do not get marshy when used to pour water or soup not until 15 minutes and the most important and major difference is that edible cutlery is biodegradable and plastic cutlery terribly fails at being so.

Narayana Peesapati firmly says that Plastic must be kept away from our food it might not appear to us at first but it eventually pollutes our edibles the moment it establishes contact with them.  When in the form of cutlery if it is thrown or disposed after use it causes defilement of land and if not and reused it is a source of bacterial containment, this single fact is enough to explicate the negative nature plastic retains as cutlery.

But edible cutlery being made at Bakey’s foods in Telangana is surely a herculean step towards a healthy life and healthy earth, for now, procedures are being undertaken to circulate edible cutlery throughout the country and bring it in everybody’s reach which is surely good healthy news.

To know more about edible cutlery check out the links below:

Guest Author: Rupendra Brahambhatt (Writer/Assistant Director at Stoned House Films)


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