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  • May 30, 2019

Ideas spark innovations. One such idea sprang up in the mind of a young person with an innovative personality that has silently introduced a revolutionary change that has helped the less technical site owners by empowering them with the extended features without compelling them to go through coding, scripting, and other complicated technical exercises. We are talking about Softaculous – the name that is better known as 1-click app installer but has many other advantages too. 

Top Seven Qualities of Sofatculous

So, summing up, here are the Top qualities of Softaculous that made it the best fit for our “Touched by Technology Series”:

  1. Constant Evolution
  2. Customer-First Approach
  3. A perfect blend of flexibility and strength
  4. Performance Delivery
  5. Advanced Research skills to gain a deep knowledge of the latest issues in terms of performance and security
  6. Solid talent and technologies to conceptualize and develop precise solutions without complicating the architecture
  7. Client Support

Running such a company with clients ranging from tier-2 cities to metros and the most developed overseas nations isn’t an easy task. What makes the team Softaculous deliver such positive performance, how the company is managed and what is the driving force behind the success of Sofatculous – these are some questions that naturally spring up in the mind.

So, Piyush reached the team Softaculous and know inside story of the organization. Here’s the interview we had with this wonderful dedicated team:

How did the idea of starting Softaculous happen?

Back then the other auto installers were outdated, too slow and needed some serious improvements. This is when the idea of creating a robust and updated auto installer was constituted.

How and when did the first breakthrough happen?

In April 2009 Softaculous free version was released which received a massive positive response. Later in August 2009, Softaculous went premium in order to begin the great journey.

As from February 1 this year the site has been given a new look- that looks more youthful. What exactly was the reason behind changing the design?

At Softaculous we always thrive to be up to date, we did not want to leave our website outdated. We updated our support ticket system and a few parts or our website in the past few months. There is much more in making, we will be releasing the new UI of our website as well as Softaculous product soon.

Softaculous is widely popular as a single-click app installer. However, when we explore the interface, it is populated with different features too. Could you briefly mention some key features and their use?

Some of our key features include :

Auto Upgrade: Users can choose to auto-update their websites when a new version of the script is available and Softaculous will perform a backup and then update the website automatically and also make sure if the website works fine after the upgrade.

Staging: Currently Softaculous is the only auto-installer that provides the Staging feature which allows users to create staging environments of their website where they can test upgrades, test plugins, themes, etc and then push those changes to their live website with just ONE click.

Remote Import: It has never been easier for web hosts to welcome users migrating from other web hosts. Remote Import will import the installation from a remote server to your new server within minutes.

Multilingual: Softaculous supports 16 languages which allow users to experience Softaculous in their native language.

Most of the well established IT companies had humble beginnings- Facebook started from a dorm, Microsoft started from a Garage. What was the first place or say “Birthplace” of Softaculous during its beginning?

Softaculous too started with a small office in the heart of Mumbai City, India, and has been growing since then. Say its office space, employees, partners Softaculous is growing at a fast pace in all aspects.

How can Softaculous help the web hosting providers and resellers in their business/daily operations?

Web hosts can save a huge amount of financial resources as well as man-hours of their support staff in managing the client’s website. Installing and updating applications via Softaculous is as easy as sipping a cup of coffee. With the auto-update, you don’t even need to login to the panel to update your website. Everything happens automatically, users can just sit back and relax.

On the homepage, we could see a number of blogs on different technologies/apps like site pad, AMPPS, Webuzo, etc. Could you briefly tell me about them?

Softaculous as a company has several products in its portfolio and we maintain a separate blog for each of our products. Here is a small overview of our other products :

Virtualizor: A VPS/cloud control panel which helps you create and manage VMs on the fly using the easy to use UI or API.

SitePad: Drag and Drop website builder to create a website with the simple interface and Publish only static files of your website making your website load much faster as compared to a PHP/MySQL based website.

Webuzo: A single user control panel that helps you manage domains, databases, FTP, files, SSL certificates, and much more for your VM or a dedicated server.

PopularFX: Hundreds of attractive WordPress themes brought together at once place. PopularFX is a marketplace for WordPress themes.

wpCentral: Manage multiple WordPress applications from one place. Install or update plugins/themes/WordPress core and much more.

With 450 great scripts and 1115 PHP classes, Softaculous offers a massive volume of options to the businesses and end-users. How difficult it was (technically and practically) to introduce so many “things”?

Softaculous core is designed efficiently than adding/updating the script packages is very easy. We have a dedicated team that works on adding new scripts and updating the existing ones. This team checks for updates of each and every script on a daily basis and release the updated package within a day.

What were the major challenges you faced during the initial period?

The major challenge was to convince people to shift from outdated competitors to our much-updated software.

How do you manage to ensure that every element and feature should work fine and sync well with the others?

We do a thorough checking of every bit of code changed before releasing a new version to make sure the new functionality works fine and that it does not conflict or break with any existing functionality. We also make sure to incorporate backward compatibility so any users using an older version of Softaculous does not face any issues.

What is it like to work with Softaculous?

Working at Softaculous is quite fun. As an employee, you get to learn a lot of things as there are too many opportunities within the company. In the near future, we are working on adding more features and giving a new look to Softaculous as per the feedback from our users. We plan to improve all our existing products which will eventually help us to grow as a company.

Driving the future of technology in the next episodes of this series. Stay Tuned..!

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