July 6, 2020
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Fingerprint Scanners – More Than What Meets The Eye

  • by Mudassir Ansari
  • May 19, 2020

From ink impression s to digital ones, we have come a long way in the course of privacy identification involving fingerprint. Authentication of unique identity using pin or pattern lock codes in smartphones is now obsolete. The most popular method of unlocking a smartphone used nowadays is using fingerprint scanning technology.

We have experienced it on our smartphones, but there is more than what meets the eye. There are variations when it comes to the implementation of fingerprint scanning technology. The one used on our smartphones differs from what is used in Adhaar-Card registration process in India.

In spite of having a number of scanning technologies for fingerprints, we are still restricted to a small area on our smartphone where we can scan our fingers. It will be interesting to see what the technology has to offer in the coming years when the whole smartphone screen can be used as a gateway to have our fingerprint scanned.

Here is the full video,


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Mudassir Ansari

Mudassir is a budding Entrepreneur and is the Founder of two startups in Robotics and education. He is a civil Engineering undergraduate currently pursuing his masters in Rural Management from Institute of Rural Management Anand (2020-2022). He operates his YouTube channel, 'The Muddy Show' and works as Public Relations Associate with 'The Rural Post'. He works with 'The Social Digital' as a content partner where hw shares his views and opinions on Technology & Science.
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