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  • July 3, 2019

The Mind Game turns 1! Congratulations! The not-so-usual self-help book ‘The Mind Game’ celebrates its first anniversary on July 7, 2019 turns 1. I chose to write this book to spread awareness about Mental Health. We implement several methods and exercises to improve our physical health – Gym, Diet, etc. but, why do we ignore mental health?

For example, if we get hurt or bruised physically, we immediately apply first-aid on the affected part and bear the pain as we wait patiently for it to heal. However, in the case of mental health, we often don’t recognize its symptoms and keep saying ‘Everything is fine’.

I want to tell people that Mental issues are not a taboo and should come out in the open. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge that you are going through a bad phase or your thought process is not right.

Secondly, don’t use the term stress or depression in a casual manner. These are clinical mental health issues which only a medical practitioner, a psychologist, in this case, can treat. For a physical injury you visit the physician, right? Then, why don’t you visit a psychologist when you feel you are not thinking in the right way?

Sulekha Chandra, CEO – Gyan Paradise feels:

This book is a comprehensive guide to expand one’s mindset with refreshing stories to channelize emotions in a positive and productive direction. The author has written from direct experience and expanded awareness. It brings us ancient wisdom coupled with logic and analysis. The Art of Effective Questioning is an impressive chapter. Genetic Influences and Psychoanalytic theories have great examples. The book has great strategies for stress management and teaches the readers how to attach meaning to what they do and find true happiness. Devika Das has put across research perspective which makes the book a valuable read and a must-have on one’s bookshelf. I wish the book a worldwide success.”

What Readers Say About The Mind Game on Amazon

The Mind Game is an excellent resource not only to master your emotions but to identify, face, feel and protect them. Author Devika Das manages to tackle one of the most fundamental issue ’emotion’ and provide lucid, practical solutions to deal with them wisely. Usually, the language of self-help book sounds complex, but this book is composed of simple language easy to understand. The most remarkable things about the book are the problem and its solution are not rigid, but the author connects every solution with self-composed stories and real-life stories of eminent people that leaves long-lasting impacts on readers mind. Personally, I learned many new things like Emotional Quotient, non-verbal communication, types of depression and behavioral patterns. This book provides an extremely effective and elegant mind-body approach to have satisfied, motivated and balanced life.”

I have watched many motivational videos, read blogs, but this book is somehow different from all of those. The content of the book is segmented in several sections like, ‘Five ultra-practical steps to emotion mastery’, ‘Analyzing people’, ‘live better with less’, ‘go happy, go lucky’, ‘angry don’t be’, ‘happy workplace’. Each part has been described with reason, symptom and its solution to human nature. While reading, you will experience that your situations have been described. This book is not something regular which will be devoured in a single sitting, rather it is a practice in every day and implements to achieve better personal life and workplace environment.
In today’s generation, we easily point out finger on others rather analyzing own actions and participation. This book will help to study yourself, besides respective solutions have been shared with examples to build self-esteem, react correctly, analyze people with their behavioral pattern, control anger, find happiness, etc. The language of the book is very easy to ingest easily

What readers say about The Mind Game on Goodreads

We all love to play games but the sentence is not always true. We love to play games till we are the ones at the winning side when we begin to lose, we somehow like the game lesser than what we do while we were winning. Our mind is one such complex game, at least that is what the title suggests. As it is rightly said that one must know the rules of their game well in order to know how to break them. This book talks exactly about such rules, which, when it comes to the game of the mind can be hacked for us to lead a better and more rewarding life. The book tells us how to identify, accept and bring about change in our own emotions in a way that they support our growth, mental and physical wellbeing. The claims made in the description of the book are all true. The main USP of this book according to me was its simplicity. The author comes straight to the point in sectioning the book. There are 6 sections which talk about emotions, leading a better lifestyle, managing your emotions, managing anger and a sustaining at work. The book is very effective and the examples that it contains helps to relate more to the content. The language used is not very technical nor too simplistic to lose the intensity of the subjects. It is apt in its own sense. The layout of the chapters is well organized in pointers that tell you how to identify or tackle certain types of behaviors. All in all, this book is one of the most effective self-help books I have read till date. I would recommend this book to not just those who are facing some kind of distress or emotional ups and downs but for everyone who wants to lead a happy and balanced life.”

The Mind Game by Devika Das was a sure treat for my mind! The book has been brilliantly written by the author and it clearly shows the enormous research and hard work done to write every word in it. Being a student of Psychology, I was excited to discover the treasure this book holds and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it. The book educates you about knowing your own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and thinking processes. The book is divided into six sections with each section having approximately 4-5 chapters each, written on topics ranging from knowing your emotions, the art of questioning, unlocking personality and behavioral patterns to the golden rules to simple living, communication, happiness, killing the stress demon, anger management, and a happy workplace. One can easily educate oneself as to how to live life powerfully and simply by reading this thoroughly. The style of writing and the page formatting is great. Highly recommended to each and everyone and especially psychology lovers like me

Want to read The Mind Game

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the book, we have also placed the book in physical bookstores in New Delhi.

·       OXFORD BOOKSTORE, Connaught Place (CP)












Guest Author: Devika Das (Author – The Mind Game)

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