[Feature]: How GeWinn Wachstum is providing clean water to underprivileged

  • by Amandeep Saluja
  • August 24, 2020
India has been facing a water crisis for a long time. Chinnmaye Praveen was aware of this and she took steps to fight the situation. She started the initiative with the aim to provide clean drinking water to the poor. As time passed the initiative was transformed into a social enterprise GeWinn Wachstum which means to grow exponentially in German. To date, there are 900 water ATMs in more than 14 districts of Karnataka providing clean drinking water at a very cost of Rs 5 for 25 liters of water.
To know more about this social initiative, we contacted Chinnmaye Praveen for a brief interview to know more about this Social initiative. Here she will give us insights into how the organization works and is able to help the underprivileged people, especially in this tough pandemic period.
  • How did the idea of GeWinn Wachstum come?

The idea to start Gewinn was to address the problem of, access to pure water to communities, understanding what the needy society needs paved strength to start this organization. The gut was so strong that, no matter what people and situations said, critics were unheard of. The clear goal then was, access to clean safe drinking water should be the right and necessity of each citizen not a luxury or pity.
  • What challenges you had to initially face to gain the trust of the government?

The teething problems were umpteen to our bootstrap initiative, especially prooving ourselves to Government was a real challenge. Consistent efforts n non comprising compliance played a vital role in gaining the trust of concerned officials and community leaders, apart from the above…. balance in elementary essentials like scope, resource optimization, extending beyond expectations added to reach where we stand today. Successful completion of a few unimaginable deadlines contributed to increasing the morale of authorities incrementally. Must a mention an order couple of years back was completed in just 72 hrs (from scratch to installation) Gathering potential risk can outweigh the frequency of the outreach.
  • How GeWinn Wachstum is helping in providing employment to the needy?

Unemployment lies at the core. Creating productive employment to deprived specs is essential for achieving sustainable economic and social development. Our project doesn’t demand technical know-how, physical strength nor the academic background helping us empower especially women, physically challenged, uneducated youth to lead their life in a dignified manner, financial freedom to women in the rural patch has transformed the liveliness of families significantly. Many employment projects however address the quantity intake..we proudly claim n ensure quality.
  • Your organization has been actively participating in the Covid-19 relief work. Can you tell us more about it in detail?

The COVID-19 pandemic is global in scale and massive impacts. We have come up with new strategies
“place-based” and “digital deliveries” to explore the ways to sustain the shaped relationship among employees, government bodies, and clients. In the context of radical uncertainty, putting ourselves at front-line crisis management we embraced the extra layer of responsibility to share the responsibility among levels of society with Coordinated efforts to minimize the risk of community health fragmentation.
To name a few:
  • Free dispense of water every Wednesday at all kiosks across Karnataka.
  • Adoption of exit-entry at any point anywhere, which is a very sensitive and challenging approach.
  • Non funded project start to ensure completion facing all odds
  • Free counseling to all employees and their families to boost out potential immaterial of their stay backs.
  • Resilience building to acknowledge the new normal to all strata of our organization.
  • The gap between decrease revenue and increase expenditure leading to the sharp cuts was managed by corpus economy distribution.
  • The health of millions was safeguarded at this crisis with 24 / 7 water availability at all kiosks across Karnataka.
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