GK Questions And Answers (Static GK/GS) – February 2021 | GK Quiz-1

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • February 2, 2021

GK Quiz-1: Here are 10 GK/GS questions for today (February 2021) for various competitive exams in India.

#1. Who was responsible for preparing proper framework for diwani rights in Bengal, Under Lord Cornawallis?

#2. Who is called as the “Father of Archaelogical survey” of India?

#3. Who was the writer of the Novel “Anand Math” ?

#4. Which national Leader termed, 1857 revolts as “First war of Independence” ?

#5. Who was the president of 1896 Calcutta session of Congress, in which Rabindra Nath Tagore sang “Vande Matram” song for the first time?

#6. Who was the First Indian to become a Member of “British House of Commons”?

#7. Which house is termed as Permanent House?

#8. Who is called as the "Father of Local Self Government" in India?

#9. Which Act was termed as “Gagging Act”?

#10. Who is regarded as the “Political Guru” of Mahatama Gandhi?



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