GK Questions And Answers (Static GK/GS) – February 2021 | GK Quiz-4

  • by Harshit Gupta
  • February 20, 2021

GK Quiz-4: Here are 10 GK/GS questions for today (February 2021) for various competitive exams in India.

#1. Who has been awarded with Covid crusader Award?

#2. Which city has been recognized as 2020 Tree city of the world?

#3. Recently which space Agency has appointed Bhavya Lal as acting chief of Staff ?

#4. Name the head of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee who is set to resign?

#5. How much budget has been allocated to Pradhan mantri fasal bima Yojana FY22 ?

#6. Which country has recently announced to setup China Task Force?

#7. Who is the present Executive Director of International Energy Agency?

#8. In which city, ISRO has opened its UR Rao Satellite Center ?

#9. Which female athlete has been appointed as DSP by Assam Goverment ?

#10. Which state recently becomes the 12th state to complete one nation one Ration card system reform?

#11. Recently Who has become India’s Youngest Female Pilot ?

#12. Name the author of the book “Right Under your Nose”?

#13. Which State Government has announced to provide 5 lakh as preparation money to Olympic Qualifiers ?

#14. Name the first women umpire to officiate men’s test match?

#15. Who has started instant messaging platform SANDES ?



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