Google Pay Introduces ‘Go India Game’ On App; Know How To Play & Other Details

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • November 3, 2020

Google-owned UPI based payment app Google Pay launches ‘Go India Game’ On its app in India. This feature will let you experience India virtually with Google Pay. How many people are curious that how they can play this ‘Go India’ on Google Pay?

So here’s the answer. Below you’ll know how to use the ‘Go India’ feature on Google Pay. Also, how you can travel virtually across the country via this.

How to Play ‘Go India’ on Google Pay?

To Play Go India, obviously first of all you need to install the Google Pay app on your phone. Then go to the ‘Go India’ section on the app’s home page. Through this, you can visit all cities in the Go India game. Meanwhile, while visiting cities virtually you’ll also get a chance to earn assured rewards up to ₹501.

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  • In this feature, you can start your journey from any of the two starting cities.
  • For the first time, you will get a welcoming one-time gift, which could be a combination of a city ticket and kilometers (KM).
  • To visit any city within the Go India game, you have to collect both city tickets and kilometers (KM).
  • A city ticket will allow you to travel to a specific city within the game. However, KM enables you to travel between cities.
  • KM is based on the real distance between those cities
  • Also, while playing this you will receive a city photo upon reaching every city.
  • Meanwhile, Cities’ visit per day has a limit.


How to collect a city ticket on Google Pay’s Go India game?

You can collect a city ticket to Play Go India by making any of the qualifying transactions. But if you get a ticket to the city that you already have, you can exchange it for KM with your friends.

However, please pay attention. If you want to get the Google India Champion reward, then visit all the 30 cities in the game by 25 November. After this, you can get a reward of ₹101 to 501.

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