Google Pinpoint and Common Knowledge Project, New Tools For ‘Journalist Studio’

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • October 15, 2020

Google has decided to empower journalists with its new AI and machine learning tools. For the same, the search giant launched a new set of tools for its Journalist Studio, which allows reporters/journalists to do their work more easily. Today, this Google suite added two new products along with some existing tools, i.e, ‘Pinpoint‘ and ‘The Common Knowledge Project‘.


These two new products at Journalist Studio mainly aims to help reporters while searching across large documents and visualizing data.

Journalist Studio: Pinpoint

Pinpoint works as an alternative to the “Ctrl + F” function which mainly used for seeking out specific keywords from the documents. Reporters/Journalists face many challenges when they work with large file sets. Especially when it comes to hundreds of thousands of documents like PDFs and other doc files.


The problem with the ‘Ctrl+F’ process is that you have to manually open up each document, and then search for different keywords even for the same meaning. But now this is going to become too old school. Although, the ‘Pinpoint‘ tool gets an advantage of Google Search and its AI-powered Knowledge Graph. Along with these, these tools also use technologies like optical character recognition and speech-to-text.


Now you just have to search for something in Pinpoint and it automatically searches out the exact word from a collection of documents. And here’s the AI-tech comes into action, the tool also searches out the synonyms for the same word.

Additionally, the ‘Pinpoint’ will not just scan through PDFs but also able to perform its task for images, handwritten notes, and audio files. However, the tool currently supports 7 languages that include English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Journalist Studio: The Common Knowledge Project

The second new tool is The Common Knowledge Project which is still in its beta phase, allowing journalists to present information in a visual medium via charts, etc. With this tool, journalists can explore, visualize, and share data about important issues in their local communities just by creating their own interactive charts.


Meanwhile, Google also claims that users can build their chats from billions of public data points. To begin with this, first, you’ll have to enter a location (where you want your data to be based upon).

Also, you will have to add in a metric, pick a source, and a category. After that, the tool will automatically convert that into a graph for you. Currently, the tool offers U.S. data on various issues like demographics, economy, housing, education, and crime.

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