Google introduces audio news feature ‘Your News Update’ to Google Podcasts

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • September 3, 2020

Google launched a series of personalized audio news playlists Your News Update for Google Assistant. And now Google has enabled the same feature for its Google Podcasts. Using this ‘Your News Update’, users will be able to get news updates in audio format via Google Podcast as well.

The audio feature leverages machine learning techniques to personalize the news content as per the listener’s/reader’s likes and interests. To subscribe to Your News Update, users will launch the Google Podcasts app. You can navigate to the Explore tab, then subscribe to listen to a mix of stories. These stories are based on users’ interests, location, history, and other preferences.

Clearly, this data collection from the feature can be further used in other Google products to deliver a more personalized experience.

Interestingly, the news pieces by Your News would be largely based around frequented stories. However, Google explains the news algorithms do not try to personalize results based on your political beliefs or other demographic factors as well.

Notably, Google has also partnered with a number of agencies, such as USA Today, ABC, Evening Standard, Billboard. This is to bring a large variety of content to its users.

How Can We Use Google’s Your News Update On Google Podcasts?

Under this podcast feature, users can also access the Your News update by simply tasking Google assistant. Users can simply say “Hey Google, play local news” or “Hey Google, play news about [your city],” to hear a collection of local news stories. Then Google will play those pieces of news via text to speech features.

Google introduces ‘Your News Update’ to Podcasts

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Google expects to deliver a personalized tailor-made news experience to users via this update. And this can b very useful in some cases. For example, you can get updates on your favorite sports team or your hometown news.

The most interesting thing is, the personalization will get better as much as you use the feature on Google Assistant. Since it will learn from how you engage with the product.

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