July 6, 2020
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If you receive ‘Wanna be friends’ comment on YouTube, don’t reply. #Hackers_comment

  • by Mudassir Ansari
  • June 13, 2020

Wanna Be Friends

Hi there, this is Mudassir from #YouTube_channel ‘The Muddy Show’ and I welcome you to ‘The Social Digital’. I have been active on YouTube for the past 10 years but never have i ever encountered a situation where a simple comment posed threat to user’s privacy. But, since the onset of 2020, scene has been changed. On one hand where our physical safety is at risk and on the other,  our digital. Please allow me to share my story of why i am quoting ‘Wanna be friends’ comment on YouTube as dangerous.

It was until two weeks back that i started encountering a sweet comment on most of the videos i upload. The comment seemed harmless and engaging as it was asking for friendship. I, as many of us would respond, responded with an affirmation. The same incident followed me to multiple uploads of mine. I was having a good time thinking that many wants to be friends on YouTube and my small channel might grow this way. After being a victim of such comment i started to realize the sting in the tail. I wasn’t the special one receiving that uber friendly comment but most of the YouTube channels had one.

What switched me off was that comment’s user account name. Usually we are allowed to change our channel’s name thrice per 90 days. But, to my amazement, that comment’s user name was changing every minute. That made me Sherlock into the matter. On searching the internet for that strange comment, I came across thousands of articles written on it but the news was gloomy. Mostly all the articles pointed in the direction of the account being that of a hacking community. Many reported it traces to a YouTube channel called ‘Logan’ which had some strange gaming videos on it while others talked about various usernames such as Bailey, Sacha, Glam, T4E, Clarice, Sam, etc.

Upon opening a few of these YouTube accounts i realized it being a veteran one, being 11-13 years old. Not just that, with least amount of content, these accounts had subscriber count in millions. On visiting their channels section,i found it to be an Inception like scenario. One account liked to other, that being linked to another, and an endless loop was there.

Upon investigation i made a few conclusions of my own, so i am going to list them in a numerical order :-

  1. These account either belong to hackers or are just some bot misbehaving.
  2. They comment in simple phrases or sentences on YouTube such as , ‘Loved it’, ‘Nice’, etc.
  3. Their display picture is static but account name is variable.
  4. They are the first to comment on the video, if commented.
  5. They don’t reply if you reply to their comment.
  6. They always comment in a friendly tone.
  7. They never comment on the content of the video.

There are a few measures we can take to ensure that our account is safe and secure :-

  1. Change your passwords on a monthly basis.
  2. Enable two step verification process.
  3. Always have a personal working phone number linked to your account.
  4. Never log in from an anonymous device.
  5. Never use public WiFi for important task.
  6. Never reply to such comments on YouTube.
  7. Open their channel and block such users posting malicious comments.
  8. Never click on any unknown link in the YouTube comment section.
  9. Never try to gain subscribers from unethical means.

I hope that upon reading this article you will fathom the depth of such acts. Stay safe, stay secure.

For more clarifications please watch the full video on YouTube



Thank you

Mohd. Mudassir Ansari



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Mudassir Ansari

Mudassir is a budding Entrepreneur and is the Founder of two startups in Robotics and education. He is a civil Engineering undergraduate currently pursuing his masters in Rural Management from Institute of Rural Management Anand (2020-2022). He operates his YouTube channel, 'The Muddy Show' and works as Public Relations Associate with 'The Rural Post'. He works with 'The Social Digital' as a content partner where hw shares his views and opinions on Technology & Science.
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