Incredible Transformation of an Indian Couple

  • by Amandeep Saluja
  • June 11, 2019

Here is the internet sensation a Marwari Indian couple whose sheer hard work and dedication show that there is nothing which is impossible.

It all began with the husband, Aditya Sharma realizing that his old shirts don’t fit him anymore. This incident motivated his wife, Gayatri Sharma towards a fabulous journey towards fitness.

The forty-year-old couple had to give up desi ghee and mithai which the Marwari always crave for. Aditya and Gayatri weighted 72 kgs and 62 kgs before embarking on the journey.


Their dedication gave them excellent results. Aditya lost 20 kg of weight in just three months while Gayatri lost 11 kgs in the same period and achieved a 25-inch waistline. What makes this even more inspiring is that she is a mother of two but then also supported her husband and in the process transformed herself to.

This journey has made them a celebrity among their friends and relatives everyone asking them for advice. The couple has now also taken a professional route with Gayatri completing her nutrition expert course. Now they are professional Nutrition expert and advice people online.

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