Is digital transformation the new reality?

  • by Amandeep Saluja
  • July 21, 2020

Right now the world is suffering from coronavirus global pandemic which has forced the people to work from home. All this is possible because of the Internet. So the question arises has the internet taken a toll on our life? Has internet become an augmentation of the physical world itself, an independent alternate universe, or supersede and colligate the existing real world. This debate has philosophically continued from a long time in science novels but still remains undetermined.

Customer preference has changed during this pandemic time. So it becomes very necessary for the marketing team to adapt to consumer behavior. Local businesses have been affected a lot pushing them to go digital aggressively. Services that needed to step out have been lately effected a lot but the products that can be ordered from home have picked up enormously. The community is absorbing a lot of information online. The idea of getting growth in current time is to go with the flow of changing environment and being opportunistic in taking risks.

In the auto industry OEMs(Original equipment manufacturer) are no more hesitant in going online. Instead, they are working hard to look into the digital avenue. Because of the reshaping of OEM the entire industry can be digitilized in the next 6 months. SEO insights show the good hold used car segments have. All this is due to consumer choice of safety by traveling in its self-own vehicle during this crisis.
The different industries have now accepted the fact that to preserve their identity they need to go online.

Different business going online also needs support from the government. They should promote small vendors to go online. Various exemptions and benefits can be given to people going digital. Government has been planning to finance the finance card swiping machines or point of sale systems for the small retailers to increase digital penetration. According to data, 46 percent of small businesses showed a considerable increase in sales by adopting an online sales strategy.

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