Lending Libraries on Beaches: a new experience for Book Lovers!

  • by Amandeep Saluja
  • June 13, 2019

The free lending libraries have been installed around a group of islanders from Kimolos. Island is situated southwest of the Greek island group the Cyclades.

The libraries contain book printed in Greek, English and many other languages. Their size is small build in the shape of dories and painted out in hues of blue and white.

These libraries promote the message of reducing the disposable plastic and the protections of the sea. Painter Eleni Technopoulou has designed the libraries in four different designs with each promoting above messages.

A C Laakaridis Charitable Foundation gave the grant for the project under the “Sea change Greek Islands” program. Foundation promotes to protect the marine environment and also reduce disposable plastic.

With its sandy beaches, history and beautiful landscapes this volcanic island is a tiny jewel.


The island has found his name from its very first resident Kimolos. Another name of the island recorded during ancient times is Echinousa which can be because of the Echidna snakes which are very common on the island

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