‘Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt’ launched by Xiaomi India; Made Out of Recycled PET Bottles

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • September 11, 2020

A year after launching the Mi Organic T-Shirt, Xiaomi India has now launched a new Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt in the country. The Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt is environment-friendly clothing, specially designed for fitness enthusiasts. This ‘Made In India‘ t-shirt is made from 100 percent ‘Recyclable Plastic‘. As per Xiaomi claims, each Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt is made using 12 recycled PET bottles. This Xiaomi’s lastest eco-friendly t-shirt is available on Mi.com through crowd-funding at a price of Rs. 999.

However, Xiaomi also states that the t-shirts save up to 70% of carbon emission in comparison to a regular cotton t-shirt. Although, this Mi Eco-Active Tee comes with tags embedded with basil seeds, which can use to grow basil plants.

The catch is the Xiaomi also offers an eco-friendly packaging as well for the newly launched t-shirt. Yes! the Mi Eco-Active t-shirts come in a canister packaging. Therefore, this canister pack can be used as a pot for sowing those basil seeds.


According to Xiaomi’s official press release;

“The yarn consumes just 10 liters of water for recycling every kilogram of plastic yarn as compared to a normal cotton T-shirt which takes about 23,000 liters of water to process the same”.

Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt Features:

  • Made by 12 recycled PET bottles
  • 2600L water saved with 1 t-shirt
  • 70% carbon emission reduction
  • Made In India
  • A Tree for every Tee
  • Soft, Skin-friendly and Odor-free

Xiaomi also claims that the recyclable polyester material of the T-Shirt is acting as a quick moisture absorbent. This makes sure that your T-Shirt is relatively dry even during your intense workout sessions. The t-shirts are made from 100% polyester threads. As a result, these t-shirts can recycle again in the future, Sounds Cool Na?.


Price and Availability of Mi Eco Active T-shirt (Amazon or Flipkart?)

For now, this Xiaomi Mi Eco Active T-shirt will be available on Mi.com on crowdfunding. However, this t-shirt is not available at Amazon or Flipkart yet. The price of the t-shirt is Rs 999. It is now available starting today, September 11, at 12:00pm. Meanwhile, the company only offers one White color for now.

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