What is ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme that PM Modi announced in Independence Day speech?


On the 74th Independence Day, PM Narendra Modi has announced the ‘One Nation One Health Card‘ program. According to PM Modi, this would revolutionalize the health care system in the country.

Under this ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme, a person’s medical history records, i.e, treatments and tests will be digitally saved in a database. And this database can be accessed by an authorized person from anywhere in the country via digital means.

Under this system, a unique ID will be issued to every Indian citizen who opts for this card, through which he/she will be able to log-in to the portal.

If a beneficiary gets a test done, the reports will be saved on the card. Also now in case, the beneficiary needs to travel to other parts of the country, they would not need to bring the old reports in physical form to the doctor. The doctor would be able to see the medical records with the help of that unique ID of the card.

Reportedly, hospitals, clinics, and doctors will all be linked to a central server. However, it is completely up to hospitals and citizens, whether they want to adopt this ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme or not.

Sources suggest that the scheme will be implemented in a phase-wise manner. A budget of Rs 500 crore has been allotted for the first phase of the plan.

I’m sure you have some concerns regarding data safety and all. But don’t worry, experts said that the data would be safe with suitable privacy features in place.

Reports also suggest that the ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme will be gradually extended with time. Also along with clinics and hospitals, medical stores and medical insurance companies will also connect on the server through this scheme.

But the privacy of the people will be of utmost importance. A doctor or a hospital will be allowed to access a person’s records only when he will give permission for the same.

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