Elon Musk’s SpaceX raises $1.9 billion in largest fundraise till date

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • August 18, 2020

SpaceX has raised $1.9 billion in funds from various undisclosed sources, as per SEC filing that first cited by Reuters.
This is the biggest funding amount for SpaceX to date.

Interestingly, the SpaceX will still have an equity valuation of $46 billion, reported by Bloomberg last week.

However, this valuation is still enough for making the Musk-led company the most valued private space companies in the world. Even billionaire Bezos’ Blue Origin is not enough to close on this parameter.

Earlier this, several reports on the internet claims that the Elon Musk-led private launch company has been seeking funding since earlier this year.

There isn’t yet much information available about this round. But speculations are made like Fidelity Investments may be the largest participant.

SpaceX Recent String Of Successes

Notably, SpaceX recently registers the string of high-profile successes.

These include completing the first-ever private human spaceflight mission to take off from the U.S.

Also, Demo-2 took off from Florida in May and returned to Earth earlier this month the astronauts it carried after a two-month stint at the International Space Station.

These successful missions clearly indicate that the SpaceX can now regularly supply transportation services to and from the ISS.

However, as the company still has not gone public, but some reports suggest that the Starlink might become a separate public offering by itself.

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