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Apple sets new iPhone shipment record in the U.S. for Q2 2020, register growth in smartphone sales: Canalys

U.S. tech giant and world’s leading phone vendor, Apple was the only one to see growth in the second quarter. Yes! you heard it right, according to the latest report from Canalys, as the global smartphone market shrank by 14 percent year on year to 285 million units sold, Apple gets all the edge. Interestingly, […]

Tim Cook now a billionaire as Apple approaches $2 Trillion valuation

The rich continue to get richer even in these uncertain times. This is again proven true as tech giant Apple‘s CEO Tim Cook now has officially joined the billionaire club as the tech firm reaches a market value of nearly $2 trillion. According to the latest Bloomberg Billionaires list, Tim’s net worth has roses $1 billion […]

Apple’s partners and Samsung apply for India’s $6.6 billion incentive for local smartphone production program

Worlds leading tech giants, Samsung & US-based Apple’s manufacturing partners Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron, including Indian smartphone vendors Micromax, Lava, and others have applied for India’s $6.6 billion production-linked incentive (PLI) program that aims to make the country a smartphone manufacturing hub, just like China. Actually, the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (Self-Reliant India) scheme now seems to […]

Apple overtakes Saudi’s Aramco to become world’s most valuable company

Tech giant Apple Inc. became the world’s most valuable company with its market value overtaking Saudi Aramco in the wake of better-than-expected earnings. In its blockbuster Q2’20 revenue report, Apple Inc’s surged over 10% to a record high. And this helps the iPhone maker eclipse Saudi Aramco to become the world’s most valuable publicly listed […]

Revenue Report’20: Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google performs well amid pandemic

Apple, Google-parent Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon are among those to have announced blockbuster earnings, all on the same day. Here are some glimpses of stats from their revenue reports; Google’s parent Alphabet sees revenue decline for the first time to $38.3 billion in Q2 Google Search and others logged $21.3 billion in sales (down 9.8% while […]

WATCH: House Antitrust Committee Hearing – CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

The most powerful figures in tech were hit with tough questions and documents that raised concerns about their competitive tactics during a high-profile antitrust hearing last night on Wednesday. The Congress hearing turned out to be a ruthless probe in the workings of 4 of the biggest companies in the world. The tech titans, which […]

‘Born With Wings’ | Apple | APJ Abdul Kalam

हमेशा की तरह Apple एक बार फ़िर से एक Creative ऐड के साथ बाज़ार में उतरा है। कंपनी ने नई ऐड पूरी तरह से iPhone 11 Pro पर शूट की है। Apple ने इस विडियो में भारत की युवा क्षमता को दिखाया है। आज हमारी 65% आबादी 35 वर्ष से कम उम्र की है, जो […]

Apple Special Event: Kidney jokes, memes flood Twitter ahead of iPhone 11 launch

Ahead of the Apple Event 2019, scheduled to start at 10:30 PM today, a flurry of posts have surfaced on social media. Netizens are using jokes and memes to share possible ways to manage the jaw-dropping prices usually associated with Apple products. Using the same old kidney joke that floods Twitter during most Apple events, […]

Apple iOS 13 अपडेट के बाद भारतीय लहज़े में बात करती नज़र आएगी ‘Siri’

इस बात में कोई संदेह नहीं होना चाहिए कि भारत वैश्विक पटल पर वर्तमान और आने वाले समय में एक बड़े उपभोगता बाज़ारों में से एक है और रहेगा। और यही कारण है कि वैश्विक कंपनियों द्वारा भारतीय उपभोगताओं को रिझाने की तमाम कोशिशें समय समय पर नज़र आती रहती हैं। और इसके साथ ही […]

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