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SoftBank Selling Arm Holdings To Nvidia For More Than $40 Billion: Reports

The Japanese conglomerate, SoftBank is planning to sell chipmaker ARM Holdings to Nvidia for more than $40 billion deal, as per the WSJ report. The deal began circulating in July, and Nvidia has the only suitor in this acquisition discussion with SoftBank, reportedly. Notably, Arm Holdings is the most popular smartphone’s processor chip designer. In […]

SoftBank Invests In Big U.S. Tech; Builds $1.2 Billion Amazon Stake, Invests In Netflix & Tesla

Japanese multinational conglomerate, SoftBank Group Corp saw one of its worst financial years in 2019-2020, with many of its investments failing. But now as rising from a long slumber, SoftBank invests in Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, Alphabet, and many more, as per regulatory filings show. The Tokyo headquartered SoftBank has now buys $1.2 billion worth of […]

OYO to merge its Japan hotel and residential units business amid pandemic

The Japanese unit of India’s Oyo Hotels & Homes will be merging its hotel and short-term residential businesses all due to the mounting pressure because of the coronavirus pandemic pushing the Softbank backed startup to revamp itself. This is the latest move by Oyo’s in a race for profit worldwide as the outbreak has put […]

WeWork: फाउंडर Adam Neumann ने SoftBank को क्यूँ सौंप दी कंपनी

पिछले कुछ समय से लगातार ही ही ऐसी अटकलें लगाई जा रहीं थी कि WeWork के टॉप मैनेजमेंट में कुछ बड़े बदलाव देखने को मिल सकतें हैं। जिन अटकलों पर अब विराम लग चुका है। दरसल अब WeWork के निवेशक SoftBank ने मंगलवार को यह घोषणा कर दी है कि SoftBank अब पूरी तरह से […]