The Future Lies In Flexible Work Patterns? Agree or Not?

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • June 4, 2019

My new employee asked to work from home. Then she started to tell me the reason. I told her “No need to apologize and I don’t need to know the details.”

I do not pay for seat warmers. Come to the office fine. 9 to 5? Fine. Work from home. Fine. Work from the garage while they fix your car? Fine. I don’t need to know you will be late because of a doctor’s appointment, or you are leaving early to attend a personal matter.

Everybody works at a different pace. You choose how to get your work done.

It’s sad how we have infantized the workplace so much, that employees feel the need to apologize for having personal lives.

I am not a clock watcher. I trust you to get your job done. Keep clients happy. I am happy.

The future lies in flexible work patterns.


“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

-Richard Branson

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Credit: Brigette Hyacinth (Author, The Future of Leadership)

Source: LinkedIn

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