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  • July 6, 2019

The businesses across the world can sell their product and services without being limited by the borders of time, space and culture. Additionally, it has also reduced the capital required for starting a business. For instance, an artist can simply start his own e-commerce site, upload his crafts and starts selling. But did you ever wonder how many technologies are involved in supporting a website?

Many of us- active internet users/site owners, are aware of hosting companies but even hosting companies rely on a number of backend technologies. In this article we will talk about various backed technologies used by hosting companies:

Jelastic Cloud

Jelastic is a multi-cloud PaaS service provider aimed at uncomplicating the development-related tasks. It also provides a common platform for web hosting brands and private cloud vendors catering to enterprise IT services.

Best Features

  • Fully supports popular and upcoming technologies like SVN, Maven, Docker, Eclipse, NetBeans, and more
  • Fully supports popular and upcoming technologies like SVN, Maven, Docker, Eclipse, NetBeans, and more
  • Auto-scaling of applications to assure steady performance and cost-efficiency
  • Strategically ecosystem to simplify and streamline the testing, development, and production environments
  • Fully supports various legacy applications as well as microservices
  • Users don’t need to go through complex coding process (modification, etc.) for deploying applications like Ruby, Node.js, Python, Java, .Net, and PHP. It saves time and effort and more importantly boosts time to market.

Plesk Hosting Panel

A leader in the hosting panel market of US, Plesk offers perfectly blends ease and efficiency while allowing a wider choice of options to the clients along with extended features. Equally compatible with windows and Linux, Plesk provides different versions/editions specifically designed to support particular requirements.  To a great extent, it could act as a one-stop solution for the beginners as well as advanced clients (including B2B and B2C prospects).

Plesk works seamlessly across a wide range of operating systems and hosts. It gives Plesk a competitive edge as many of the leading hosting panels support only Linux OS while Plesk works equally well with Linux as well as Windows.  It can also function inside a Docker container.

  • Git Integration: While Git has been acquiring good popularity due to its usability across the market, very few web panels support it. With its friendly Gitman extension, Plesk makes things easier for Git users by fully supporting the application.
  • Docker Integration: Docker is another friendly application that offers a wide range of Docker images. Plesk made strategic provisions in its architecture to help the clients easily and directly launching Docker images right from their Plesk panel. It saves their time and efforts by eliminating the need of going through command line processes.
  • 1 click SSL security: SSL security has become extremely important for the site owners especially the eCommerce sites due to the increasing number of data in transit attacks. Plesk automates the entire task of securing and implementing the SSL certificate with just a single click. By converting this tedious yet essential process into a single click installation process Plesk helps its clients (especially non-technical users) and promotes internet security.
  • WordPress Management: With its end to end, WordPress features and 1-click processes Plesk allows the WordPress site owners to enjoy the maximum benefits of WordPress without having to invest extra efforts or complicating their schedule. Right from security hardening to performance management and updates, Plesk tackles a wide variety of WordPress specific tasks.
  • Developer-friendly features: While the abovementioned options are best for the beginners the Plesk equally supports the users with advanced development skills. It offers various features that support many PHP versions out of the box with Python, Node.js, and Ruby. Besides it also supports Debian, CLoudlinux, CentOS, and RHEL. It makes e things easier and quicker for the developers.


VMware is arguably the most popular server virtualization solution used across Data centers in different parts of the world.

  • VSphere is its major product that is widely used by the reputed data centers as well as the new players across the globe.
  • Innovative ideologies, wide partner network, eye for the details, and customer-centric products offer a niche identity to VMware in the industry.
  • The company is constantly evolving and widening its range of virtualization products like desktop-level virtualization, VM server products, and others.


Softaculous is arguably the leader in the field of one-click installation solutions. The USPs of Softaculous is the ease of use, platform-agnostic capabilities, commercial-friendly structure, wide script library, and supporting hundreds of applications.

  • Right from popular hosting panels like Plesk and cPanel the Softaculous is also supported by other panels too like Interworx, ISPmanager, and DirectAdmin.
  • Softaculous supports a huge inventory of diverse applications for all the key purposes. It allows non-technical clients to quickly install the required application for their business needs without going through any complicated process.


As we all know that any business depends and troves on ideas. How quickly and effectively the ideas are exchanged- internally and externally- plays a vital role in its success. Smarter tools is a leading name determined to make the communication process easier and better by offering a number of friendly tools.

  • SmarterTools offer a wide range of products to the clients to streamline their communication, support, and analysis.
  • Their products are specially designed to support various use cases across multiple fields like hosting, education and finance.
  • With its advanced internal and external communication solutions like business email server, online help desk, and team chat, the smarter tools definitely strengthen this communication and eliminate delays.
  • It also offers solid analytics tools to reliably measure the different aspects with clear insights and friendly visual format.
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