#vodafoneindia is trending on Twitter as users complaint for Lack of Connectivity


Vodafone Idea (Vi) network seems to be down as users in Pune have been complaining of connectivity problems with their network. As a result of which #vodafoneindia is trending on the microblogging website, Twitter. Actually, the users are raising the issues related to making calls and using the internet. They’re saying these service in Vi network is not working properly.

“Do Mumbaikar’s facing Vodafone network issue since morning?” a user wrote on Twitter. “No network signal on Vi since last night. Just spoke to the customer care and the person informed there is an outage in Maharashtra due to yesterday’s rain and it may take 6 more hours to fix it” says Rohit Nagar.

Vodafone Network is Down (#vodafoneindia)

This becomes a much bigger issue since many students and employees are completely relying on the internet nowadays for online classes and WFH.

However, some Vi users have also been complaining of SIM card error messages being displayed. “Their whole network is down due to water entering their Power supplies. Shifted network to UPS but due to power cut UPS also down. Hence NO network all over at least till 4 pm today,” says Dr. Abhijit Deshpande.


Meanwhile, there’s no response from Vi as of now.

Now users start making memes about the same, here’s is some you must have to look at;

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