In the world of alternative careers, here is how you can turn your hobby into a job

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • May 11, 2019

“Ma, I want to be a writer.”

“Why do I have to take engineering when I like dancing?”

How many of us have faced questions like this? Unless you were born after 2010 (in which case it is unlikely that you would be reading this article), you must have put questions like this to your parents. And probably received rebuffs in response. And unless you were very lucky, you probably allowed yourself to be convinced by their arguments and joined an engineering college.

That’s what I did anyways.

However, I managed to find my true calling – which was that of a writer – and ended up creating a career for myself. Want to know how? Read on.

To cut a long story short, I joined an engineering college and for a semester or so studied hard, harboring dreams of topping the university and receiving medals. The next semester, I had an attendance of 17%, and I spent the majority of time in bed, reading novels or attempting to chat up random women on Facebook.

The very next semester however, I made a girlfriend. That my friends, is an expensive proposition.

After my first date with her exhausted the meagre monthly allowance my father gave me, forcing me to walk home once she left in her chauffeured car – I decided that I needed to do something. And that something took the form of an internship from a web-based technology magazine. I started writing articles for them, for a princely-sum of INR 5,000 paid at the end of each month. I typically wrote 4-5 articles a day, covering topics around startup and technology.

It was a long journey. Near the end of my college life, my attendance was still 17% and a few backlog as well, however, I had a job offer that was almost double what the topper of my class got. More importantly though, I was – and am – working in a field I love.

The point of this article that I will cover in greater detail in the next few blogs in this series, is that you have to start planning early. Find out your calling and start moving towards it as early as you can. In small ways, through internships maybe, but make sure you never stop.

See you soon!

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