Your story doesn’t need to be spiced up. It needs to be real.

  • by Aditya Pandey
  • October 4, 2019

A lot of movies, TV shows, documentaries or even biographies try to add some spice into a real story because they believe that doing so will help sell that story better.⁣

The end result is that you have something which may be more attractive (according to those who see it) than the original story but it is just that, attractive, and nothing else.⁣

Anyways, when distortions like these do well, others start copying this ‘formula for success’ and soon it becomes the norm. ⁣

If a story doesn’t conform to those standards then it can not be sold. And that is something which we believe about ourselves as well. That we are not good enough until we present ourselves to the rest of the world in a particular way only.⁣

A belief like which can damage our self-esteem. And force us to live like someone else for a major part of our lives. ⁣

A belief like this makes us feel ashamed of who we are. This forces us to try and change/hide as many things as we can about ourselves to be accepted by others.⁣

But can we really carry on living this spiced up lie for a long time? ⁣

Will we be truly happy with who we are?⁣

Will there not be a sense of emptiness when we know that we are not being our true selves?⁣

These are questions that you will have to face.⁣

Again no judgments on my part because I have also lived this lie and maybe a part of me still is. But the more I try to be myself, the happier I am.⁣

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