YouTube and WhatsApp close to touch half a billion users in India

  • by Staff@ TSD Network
  • January 12, 2021


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#1. In ODI World Cups, in how many matches has India lost when Dhoni was captain?

#2. Dhoni's last international for India was in the 2019 World Cup against New Zealand. How many runs did he score?

#3. When did MS Dhoni play his first ODI?200

#4. Which team did Dhoni make his Ranji trophy debut for?

#5. How many innings has MS Dhoni played as a bowler, in international cricket?

#6. Starting from 2008, for how many years in a row was Dhoni part of ICC's ODI team of the year?

#7. Dhoni holds the highest 8th wicket ODI partnership record for India with this player.

#8. How many times has Dhoni hit a six to win India an ODI?

#9. Dhoni took just one ODI wicket for India. Who was his victim?

#10. At which venue did MS Dhoni made his daunting 183 not out?

#11. Which railway zone did Dhoni work for, as a TTE?

#12. How many runs has Dhoni scored in all the IPL 20th overs he has played?

#13. When did he play his first Test match?

#14. In which year was MS Dhoni appointed Indian captain?

#15. Dhoni once revealed his favourite dog out of all the pets he has. What's its name?

#16. Which other sport did he play apart from cricket & football?

#17. When was Mahendra Singh Dhoni born?


Nowadays the popular Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp is surrounded by controversies regarding its privacy policy. But there is no doubt that it has enjoyed unrivaled reach in India for years. WhatsApp had more than 400 million users across India by the year 2019, while on the other hand, as per App Annie’s data, YouTube had about 260 million users in India then. But you know what 2020 has changed the scene dramatically.

Actually, in December 2020, YouTube had 425 million monthly active users on Android phones and tablets in India, as per App Annie. And WhatsApp had 422 million monthly active users on Android in India last month.

WhatsApp & YouTube Users In India

However, now where WhatsApp assumes to lead in India with 459 million active users, YouTube is also not too far behind with 452 million users.

Interestingly, India had about 50 million internet users in 2010. But now it has more than 600 million active internet participants across the country. Therefore, tech giants like Google and Facebook are pushing their services in India, which still has so much potential.

You can also thank Reliance Jio for this since the telco introduces cheap internet services in India. In fact, Google and Facebook also investing in internet infrastructure across India, a country of nearly 1.4 billion people.

You may remember that Google started a project to bring Wi-Fi to 400 railway stations in the country. Meanwhile, Facebook launched Free Basics in India. But as the program was banned in the country — it launched Express Wi-Fi.

As per reports, more than 95% of WhatsApp’s monthly active users in India use the app each day. While its entire user base checks the app at least once a week. In comparison, three-fourths of YouTube’s monthly active users in India are also its daily active users.

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